Basketball Sports Bookies

Basketball sports gambling is the second most popular of all the sports. Each season millions of bettors “get down” on basketball games which can be bet on nearly every day of the week . Many of these bettors use online sportsbooks to place these wagers. Online sportsbooks offer gamblers the ease of placing wagers from the privacy of their own homes as well as open up more wagering options that the “corner bookie” could never have offered. These wagers include action points, 8 and 10 point sweetheart teasers, and in some cases moneylines, just to name a few.

Below is our list best basketball sports bookies in the world:

50% up to $1000
100% up to $200
50% up to $250
50% up to $300
100% up to 1 BTC
100% up to $500

The traditional way most bettors approach basketball sports gambling is selecting sides and/or totals. When referring to selecting a side, we mean taking either the favorite or the underdog and either getting points or laying points. These points are either added or subtracted from the final score of the game to determine whether your selection is a winner or not.

When referring to “totals”, we mean making a selection on the over or the under total points scored by both teams. Note: Both sides and totals are usually offered at a standard -110 line which means you are risking $110 to profit $100. In some cases you can find sportsbooks offering reduced vig such as Pinnacle in which they offer these lines at -105 meaning you are risking $105 to win $100 saving yourself $5 per $100 wager!