Handicapping the Superbowl


The Superbowl is the premier event of the year and football fans and gamblers always gather to make wager on the big game. Since it is one of the most bet on sporting events in the world it only makes sense that it is handicapped differently than a regular season game. Here are a few rules to follow when handicapping the big game.

First don’t forget what has worked all season long. Over a long season a handicapper learns to be a better handicapper as they progress through the regular season. Although the big game should be handicapped differently start with the basics and with what brought you success as a sports handicapper.

Secondly don’t outthink yourself. With two weeks it is very easy to get wrapped up in the hype. Stick with your first instinct and don’t let the media coverage sway you. They will break down the game many different ways to keep the headlines coming. Get your selection on the game and stick with it.

Next you will want to branch out as a handicapper. Don’t force a play on the side or the total with all of the different props that online sportsbooks offer. If the side or the total does not give you a good feeling shop around at online sportsbooks and study the props. With alternate odds, player props and the out of the ordinary props there is a good quality angle to be found to bet on. Researching props will allow you to find a different point of view to approach the game at.

Finally this is the Superbowl and you should enjoy it. Just because it is the last game of the season to wager on it doesn’t mean that you will have to increase the size of your wager. You can have just as much fun by throwing a few bucks on a few props and sitting back and enjoying the best game of the season!

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