NFL Prop Bets – Some Tips for Sports Gamblers


The end of the football season is near and with that comes the fact that there are just not many football games on the weekend. This does two things. Leaves the options to bet very limited and it allows Vegas to get a good look at the number. For these two reasons it is essential for a sports bettor to know what proposition betting is.

Proposition betting is just another way to bet on football games. Instead of just betting on the money line, against the spread, or on the total, bettors are opened up to a bevy of scenarios to try and win money. This can be anything as random as the coin toss of the superbowl or as specific as how many passing yards a player may have in the game. These propositions are usually available all year long but they become more popular as the season winds down and the games become limited.

The lines makers in Vegas do a very good job of posting the opening lines on a football game. They have to or they may lose money for their sportsbook and that may cost them millions. When the amount of games decreases it allows them to focus more earnestly on the game and get a number that attracts even action. This is where propositional betting comes into play. It allows the bettor to find a different angle to try and bet the bookmaker.

Propositional betting or “prop betting” is very popular among professional gamblers because they can research the numbers easier and find an edge that is not on the number and allows for more room or options to bet. The trick is doing it right.

When betting on props stay away from the random or outlandish props. There is no reason to bet on what the coin toss will be or what song will be the opening number for the Who. It is better to wager on statistical props such as rushing yards allowed, field goals made, etc. This is easier to research and less of a gamble if you will excuse the term. Wagering on the side or the total is just fine but narrowing it down to a few decent props may be the way to go in the big games as the season winds down. Learning how to wager on props now can help the sports bettor for years to come and they will be ready to wager when the season kicks off next year!

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